Thank You!

Thank you everyone that helped me reach my kickstarter goal!!! My campaign still has a few days to go, but I’ve reached and exceeded my goal, which makes it possible for me to begin printing!  Thanks so much for your support!

Featured Kickstarter: Teaching evolution with animations, Stated Clearly

I’m beginning to feature various Kickstarter projects starting with this brilliant project by the folks at Stated Clearly.  With the mission of promoting “the art of critical thinking by exposing people from all walks of life, to the simple beauty of science,”  Stated Clearly explains “complicated scientific topics” through short animations.  Stated Clearly’s videos break down complex scientific topics in a way that makes them tangible, and relatable without oversimplifying or discarding the science.


Stated Clearly on Kickstarter

Stated Clearly is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign for a project that involves “teaching the science of Genetics and Evolution through animations”.  The final project will consist of 21 short animations that “teach genetics and evolution to the greater public in simple friendly language.”

Check out Teaching Evolution with Animations, Stated Clearly in Kickstarter!  Be sure to check out Stated Clearly’s rewards offered to pledgers and consider sharing if you’d like to see Teaching Evolution with Animations completed!


Teaching Evolution with Animations, Stated Clearly

2 page layout illustration

This illustration is intended to go in the front of the book.  It’s designed to be fun for kids to count the frogs, and to find the frogs in the illustration throughout the rest of the book.


View the whole book here.

Major updates to text

I made some major updates to the text in Eggs, Frogs, and Pollywogs today.  After receiving from fantastic advice from an editor, I decided to convert give the story more rhythm.  As it was, some of it rhymed, some didn’t, and it was jarring when it didn’t flow.  Now it all seems to flow… I hope, feel free to provide feedback!

See the whole story here